On this week’s episode we shared with you three ways to reconnect that we have found helpful in our marriage and that has helped us to stay in the driver seat!!! We talked about how to be intentional and aware in your marriage. We discussed how life can sometimes get in the way and cause our relationships to go on cruise control without anyone even noticing until one day we look up and we are miles apart.

Therefore, we have to be able to recognize and stay alert when things start to drift. We have to stay present and make sure that we are in the driver seat and stearing our relationship in the direction in which we want it to go at all times. Part of being aware and intentional is recognizing when the connection may be off and immediately reconnecting it.

Sort of like when something is plugged into an outlet but may not be completely pushed in, therefore causing a disconnect of electricity. Well, that can happen in our relationship, so stand guard. And when you see or feel any disconnect that means it’s time to take action.  We also suggested that you share with us your secrets for staying connected.


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