All right, so today we are going to touch on the importance of staying connected.

 We’re talking about interest and being involved and no we are not talking about touching type of connectivity, intimacy type of connectivity. We are talking about something more on a interest level. When I say connectivity, I’m saying staying connected in the form of.

Getting connected

I know who you are and you know who I am. I know what you like and you know what I like. That’s the thing right there, ?  Our lives change very quickly like we said before, no one stays the same. The person I was, you know, five years ago, I’m not the person today, which means that my interest as a 25 year old is going to be different.

If we don’t change we run the risk of losing connectivity with each other. Each person in the relationship needs to be willing to want to be involved in your change and your interest. I know that everyone is not going to be involved in or interested in all the things that interest us.

But if we take the time and try to connect to what the other person likes. You might surprise yourself and find some joy in it. I think a big thing in our marriage is that we stayed connected through everything.

Building support

It’s important for men to, understand that their wife supports them and understands them in their interest. I think, for most men, they expect their wives to support them. But it’s almost like they don’t expect to support their wives in some of their interest.

 We have to understand that when we first started dating, the reason why we connected was because we enjoyed each other. I was interested in what you were doing and you was interested in what I was doing and we were trying to find ways that we both enjoyed the time together.

Build a foundation

Foundation are the key to success. It doesn’t matter if it’s a career, a relationship, or whatever. You have to have a strong foundation.

So build on that foundation. To make your relationship better that means continue to build on it. Marriage is like breaking ground with the shovel in the ground to start pouring your foundation.

Now you will spend the rest of your marriage laying the foundation to built some strong. Be conscious of what bricks you lay and how you lay them. You have to be intentional in your marriage.


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