We know from personal experience and from talking with others, that right now is a difficult time in marriages. And if you are in a marriage where things are not stable. Now is the time to start building a stronger foundation. You must be willing to fight for your marriage

You need to dig in right now because these are tough times. Life is coming at you from all angles. You have people losing their jobs the pandemic and on top of that we racial tensions.

We’re already in a state of emergency financially. so what does that do into households? We know that one of the top reasons that marriages don’t succeed is… financial it’s financial reasons.

So if you’re adding more stress to the marriage, people don’t realize that when we’re arguing with each other. It’s probably all the things going on in the world today and very little to do their spouse. We never stop and take the time and say, what are we really arguing about?

It’s the stress of  meeting demands. And you can’t what do you do?  so with that added stress of just being who you are as an individual, it makes it even difficult.

You may be dealing with some issues at work or out in the public, then you have to come home and you have to deal with stuff between you and your spouse. It puts an additional unwanted type of pressure or stress on your relationship. I think sometimes we don’t even realize that.

So, take the time to put your marriage first. Let us start with forgiving one another for all the small issues in our relationships. Because as we look back it doesn’t matter only love can heal.


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