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This episode focuses on learning your mate, and in the process learning yourself. It gives us a brief, yet well defined glimpse into the humble beginnings of married couple Milton and Glory Franklin, who have been married for almost 30 years. Milton (also referred to as Buddy) and Glory gives us their account of what they thought marriage was going to be, what it really turned out to be, and how they made the conscious decision to fix the somewhat grey areas and make marriage work.

They met at Milton’s parents home. Which, at that time, Glory’s hairdresser was Milton’s brother, who had a home-base beauty salon with his mom. Glory recalls how her now brother-in-law did not approve of them meeting nor their later relationship. Buddy recalls how he was actually at his sister’s wedding reception with his then current girlfriend, but yet had his eyes set on Glory.

They openly let us in on how their marriage relationship was rocky from the very beginning when they tried to co-mingle their blended families. Both, Buddy and Glory, had one daughter from previous relationships. And by the time they got married they had added another daughter to the mix, and 3 years later their second and youngest daughter together. Now trying to figure out parenting, love, marriage, and a balance to all the madness of having 4 girls and an estrange marriage.

Their different views on life, raising children, and dealing with parents outside the marriage had proved to be too much and they both were ready to call it quits.

Buddy expounds on how he had given the marriage 6 months, and what changed his heart and mindset. While Glory describes her life at that time and what she needed to do to be a better wife and mother.

Even though Buddy was considered a very aggressive and outgoing person, nothing like Glory, Buddy shares with us how he saw the qualities he wanted in a mate in Glory. Glory concedes with how they shared similar up-brings even though friends thought the couple was insanely different. Glory eloquently reminisces on how she had to stop being viewed or treated like the victim and how her behavior could be viewed in the eyes of her daughters. But even through all that, they had to take a step back and remember why they chose to get married in the first place. Had those qualities they once admired about their mate disappeared or were they being skewed by current marital problems.

Glory recollects how her silence and Buddy’s loudness was a defense and coping mechanism for each one of them. They just had different ways of displaying it. They had to learn how to find their inner balance as well as their marriage balance to make things work and genuinely be happy.

Hopefully sharing their struggles can and will help another couple out there that might be able to relate to the struggles of blended families and how the honeymoon phase is short lived once you say I Do!


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