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On this week’s episode Jason and I celebrate our 31st wedding anniversary!  Even though these years have flown by in the wink of an eye, we took a moment to talk about how it all started, how it’s going,  some knowledge and experience, dropping some gems and giving some nuggets.  We talk from our own perspective and experience about the things that we’ve learned throughout our marriage, things that helped our marriage to stay strong, and the importance of experience and education that has supported us throughout the years. 

We share our thoughts on family and how the importance of loving each other and accepting  each person for who they are have taken us from 1 year to 31 years. How we are still moving and growing and elevating to higher heights. And in the midst of growing how we were blessed to grow together and not apart.  But the most important message in this week’s episode is how we joined into this marriage all-in and totally committed. How we agree that mindset, awareness, and intention are key favors in navigating your relationship.  We are looking to the future and what it holds for us, knowing it will be blessed by God and hold things for us as a couple beyond our wildest dreams.


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