On this episode we decided to start the year off right as a couple. We discussed goal setting and decided, not only would we make our own personal New Year’s resolutions, but we would make one for our marriage. We talk about what that goal would be for us and a very funny story behind choosing this particular area.

Realizing that it takes dedication and deliberate work to sustain a marriage and to rejuvenate the love, we sat down and agreed upon a New Year’s resolution for US. We wrote down several areas in our marriage that we felt needed to be enhanced and came up with the one area we would work on for this year. That’s not to say we won’t be working on other areas. But this area will be our main focus and goal. The others areas in our marriage will benefit and be a byproduct of this one main goal.

We detail a step by step process in which we will follow, and gave guidelines and options for you to incorporate in your marriage. We offer a recommended process in breaking down your one large goal into several manageable goals or pieces. Like eating, you take one bit at a time. Until, before you know it, the problem area is all gone.

We talk about the importance of setting this particular goal together. How you should plan weekly meetings to discuss your progress and short-comings. And how or why, to realign or readjust, if necessary.

We went further, as to give examples on how to make your resolution work and give your marriage some for-sure wins. And to celebrate those wins, no matter how small. Every victory in the right direction should be celebrated!

This episode gives our listening audience a glimpse into our personal lives and what it is that we, as a couple, need to continue to work on in our marriage to make it sold as a rock.

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