Relationship phases. We discussed relationships and the phases relationships go through. We decided to widen our scope and include an array of couples, both married and dating. With relationships ranging from 2 to 30 years. Some with children and some without. We sat down with 4 and one half couples to discuss what they have learned from their relationships. How their ideas of marriage or being in a relationship compared to real life. Their day to day struggles, and any advice they were willing to share with our listening viewers. We discussed the first most common phase, the cupcake or honeymoon phase. This is where the blinders or rose colored glasses come off and we start to see our mate in a different light. And usually that light is not always pleasant. How the little subtle things that we never even noticed now start to stand out like a sore thumb. 

We explored the fantasy or notion of being in a relationship and living together with what really happens and how learning to adopt is a vital point in any relationship. How to find new ways to cope and get back on track when life doesn’t line up with the visions we all have in our heads. How to readjust or realign our ideas of what type of relationship we thought we were going to have with what we actual need to do to have that relationship. 

Touching on how to understand your mate, their background, and cultural differences to make things work in your relationship regardless of the “norm.” 

We continued with lessons on how the different phases bring different struggles. Along with what children bring to the relationship.

This was quite the conversation, having the insight of couples with different age groups and levels of relationships to share their stories, experiences, and advice. 

One thing is for sure it doesn’t matter if you’re 16, 26, or older every relationship requires work and readjusting…often!


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