We know that marriage has some roadblocks, We must learn how to resolve relationship roadblocks. Patric & Michelle realized the issues and sought professional help. We all know that mental health is a serious roadblock.  It’s a serious thing because your mind controls the entire body and what your reality is is your reality. And people don’t understand that. Many times couples can fall into saying, okay, well that’s your issue. You need to deal with it and get things right.

Overcoming struggles

So one of the things that has been a challenge in our marriage is, Patrick,  struggles with depression. And anxiety. And so there are different things that trigger it. Like when they first got married shortly after his mom was diagnosed with cancer, it was very, very stressful. And, just like different things that came up in our marriage, this would trigger it. We had to figure out how do we, how manage this? How to I still exercise empathy. Towards him, but still be able to support him and not allow him to just kind of stay there.

Having a supportive wife

Michelle, has been doing a great job with that as far as just being supportive while, I seek assistance and help with overcoming this. I think when you get in relationships, and I’ll be honest, like in past relationships, I’ve never disclosed, the anxiety, depression that I felt

I could get triggered by something and I, again, would isolate or just kind of get through it by myself and in some cases, it just makes things worse. Because I’m not getting that support and I’m not taking necessary steps, to heal myself from whatever triggers that I may have had.

And so it’s really awesome to be married to someone. That may not have experienced being with someone that has these kind of, concerns going on. It;s nice to have someone that can give you consistent support and , being open minded, to, the couples therapy. And to my own individual therapy , and anything else that I needed to support me along the way.

How to deal with challenges

We had and have challenges in our marriage but one thing we did with our challenges, we didn’t repeat them. We went through something we learn and we took what we needed to take from that challenge or, that situation, and then we moved on.

The next challenge wasn’t a continuation of the challenge before. So we wasn’t constantly repeating challenges over and over again. Because, , after a while, you’d be arguing over things from the past. And that would nothing to do with the current situation.

Be there for your spouse in their time of need. Because you never know when you my need their helping hand. Resources

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