Everything that you’ve encountered. Up until the point that you met your mate has made you the person that you are. And I think sometimes we don’t take into consideration our upbringing and how it affects our relationships.

You ever wonder why you get into certain situations in your relationship.

And it’s because, That’s what you are accustomed to based on how you were raised, or this is how we’ve always done things. But now you get into a relationship with someone. Now you need to compromise, and that goes against your background,which will creates some frictions in your relationship.

So we’re just here to highlight some of these things and show you some ways that you might want to pay attention to. What went on in your past that now affects present relationship? We look into this, So you can make your relationship better

But if we talk about them and then we kind of get that aha moment, then we can kind of change going forward. So we’re going to start off with , family dynamics. And that means how you get along with your siblings, how you get along with your parents, your aunts, your uncles, your grandparents.

Whether or not your family was close or distant. Whether or not it’s important to you to be around your family or if it doesn’t matter. So there are some people, for instance, myself, who my family is pretty close and not just me and my sisters, but growing up, my whole family was close. And then as my sisters and I got older, we were really, really close and we had all of our children together and they were raised together.

So when we married our husbands, it was different for them. Whereas me and my sisters were always together, and I think that, . We really didn’t think about it, but it’s all in your upbringing. So if your family is not used to seeing each other every day or talking to each other every day. Whereas when I grew up, my mom talked to her sisters every single day, like six and seven times a day.

Every time the phone rang, it was one of my aunts talking to her, and I used to think like, why do you guys need to talk so much every day? But then when I grew up. Me and my sisters did the same thing.

So I feel like I’m turning into your mother .

She was just an influence in my life. So it was so funny because my sister’s husband, you know, before cell phones were attached to our hip. She would come home and say, did anybody call me? And he would say the same people that call you every day.

Like I said, it’s your family dynamics. It’s your family dynamics. It’s all about how you were raised and what you did as you came up and how you interact as a young adult .

 If I’m a person who was brought up where I did not see my family a lot or I didn’t have a lot of siblings, or my siblings and I are not close, and I’m okay with the fact of not seeing them all the time, but my spouse wants to see his siblings all the time. This is something that you need to talk about and handle in the beginning, because usually when you’re dating.

Prior to getting married, it’s just you and that person, right? And all of these things don’t come out until after you’ve gotten married and maybe you have a home and now you’re inviting the family over, or your family is more, now that you have a place to conjugate, now everyone’s coming over. How does my spouse feel about that?

Is this something that is going to create a problem in our marriage? And if so, we need to think about and deal with those things prior to them happening.

But you don’t even realize you’re having an issue until it’s happening. Know that it might be your past upbringing or beliefs that have you feeling about


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