Today’s episode, we want to continue the conversation of understanding our individual needs pt. 2. We’re going to talk about the needs of communication and companionship. You need to be able to communicate in a marriage.

Women need more communication than men., right? I think communication in this sense means verification, understanding,  I feel like most women needs clarity.

Early in the relationship

I think the issue is, while we don’t communicate, it’s because the topics have changed. Sure in a marriage. The reason why we can communicate so easily and openly in the beginning is because it’s new, it’s fresh, there’s no negativity, there’s no problems, no issues, no problems right now.

So it’s easy to talk, right? So basically it’s about talking about just you, me, life, general, whatever, and everything. It’s more, it’s sort of like those Rose colored glasses, and it’s just through communication. So you’re able to communicate effectively to one another because you don’t have any baggage. You don’t have any preconceived ideas or no one’s saying, Hey, we need to talk, and you’re upset about the fact that you need to talk. I think that’s why it’s easy to communicate upfront. Because then all you’re doing is talking about yourself, and if you can’t talk about yourself, then you really have communication issues.

And what I mean by effectively communicating, we need to feel that we’re being heard. Or you’re being heard. No, but I think sometime men kind of shut off some of the things. And so if we’re talking about a need, men need to understand that regardless of what we’re saying. They need to approach this in a different way with an open mind.

Are you hearing what I’m saying

Most men response is yeah, I heard it the first time I heard it, the second time I get it. Men don’t care how many angles you come at them, the response is still the same I heard you the first time. Yeah. But the thing is, I feel as though we’re not effectively communicating because you’re not responding to what I’m saying.

Sometimes you’re just sitting there and you’re not making good eye contact and your face is telling me what’s going on in your head. It’s hard to hide, what you’re thinking. Then men feel like they’re being analyzed


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