So today we want to talk to you guys about strengthening your marriage. We want to keep it real, so it’s not about what’s your marriage or your relationship was like before we’re talking about where is that right now. And how to get it back healthy if it’s not healthy or how to strengthen it.

Love Fades

I think over time, love kind of fades. It’s not that we don’t love each other, it’s just that love fades. And so you feel as though, okay, well now I have it. Now that I have it, I don’t have to work as hard to keep her, That can be a two way street.

If we could just keep it real. Case in point is that, I make the reference that when we make love in the bed or when we have sex, that whatever we do in the bed has to be reciprocated outside of the bed.

Why is that? Because women, you are a feeling being. So because you have to understand if this is what you want in the bed, then I have to be fulfilled outside of the bed. And that’s one thing that , a relationship needs to have. You need to understand what makes me me and I need to understand what makes you you.

So if I know that man. Or you like sex, then, I’m not that type of person that’s going to say, okay, I’m mad at you. We’re not having sex, you know? But my thing is that if you want to have sex and you’ve given me the fulfillment that I, that I need, why wouldn’t I want to have sex?

Sex starts before the bedroom

So one thing that I have to remind my husband is that as often as we have sex. He has to show me that same amount of intensity and the same amount that I gave him in the bed. He has to show me that outside of the bed, which means that you can’t just skip on my affection. If you want to build strengthening your marriage

Strengthening your marriage

Another part of strengthened our marriage, which we’ve talked about before, is communication. Yup. And so we have to find a way to communicate to each other. Our needs. And we have to find a way to communicate when those needs are not being met in a, loving and effective way so that you can receive them.


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