We Were Meant To Be Together

Join Jason and Tina Marie with their guests, Christina and Edward Sledge, as they talk about how they are meant to be together. Christina and Edward are co-founders of Sledge House Media, a media company that aims to tell the average person’s story. The couple shares details of their love story, from how they met, got married and built a media company together. Stay tuned!

Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode:

  • How Christina and Edward’s love story started
  • The call that broke Christina like a promise
  • Back together with a proposal and got married
  • Ups and downs of the marriage
  • Biggest hurdles Christina and Edward overcame
  • And so much more!


About Christina and Edward Sledge:

Christina and Edward Sledge are the co-founders of Sledge House Media. They are a husband and wife writing, publishing, and production team. Christina and Edward tell diverse and compelling stories that draw upon their unique experiences, education, and backgrounds. Additionally, all of their books are 200 pages or less to reach readers that are limited on time.

Christina holds a BBA in Computer Science from Temple University and an MTA in Event Management from George Washington University. Christina is a believer in lifelong learning and has completed studies at Harvard University, New York University (NYU), Tisch School of the Arts, Savannah State University, Syracuse University, and the University of Georgia.

Edward is a United States Army veteran and holds a BS in history from Georgia Southern University and an MS in Social Science from Towson University. Edward is a historian and published his graduate thesis on the media’s impact on race riots, The Birth Of The Death Of A Nation: 1917-1921 The Media’s Role In Three Race Riots.


You can find Christina and Edward Sledge on . . .

Website: https://www.sledgehousemedia.com/


Connect with Jason and Tina Marie!

Loving Beyond the I Do Website: www.lovingbeyondtheido.com

Legendary Relationship Website: www.legendaryrelationship.com

Instagram & Facebook: @legendaryrelationship

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