Tyshaun & Lauren dated for 7 years and that’s why the number 7 plays such a major role in their relationship because it means completion in the bible and it symbolizes the foundation that God established for them, from the very beginning of their relationship. and got married August 25th, 2017.

People always ask how have you guys been able to withstand the trials and tribulations that can potentially tear a relationship or a marriage apart and their response is always that they keep God at the center of their relationship.

Their entire relationship is biblical and it’s built from God’s unconditional love for them and the love they have for one another, it’s built from God’s trust within the way they honor him and the way they honor each other and it’s built on the joy they have experienced throughout the years worshipping him together and celebrating one another.

Learning to compromise

After getting married and living under one roof they quickly realized just how different they were.That’s when they learned a lot of compromising. One small thing was they liked to watch different type of tv shows. I say small because they learned to compromise early in the marriage. That way avoided something mushrooming into something big..

At some point Ty would be in the family room watching tv doing his own thing and Lauren would be in the bedroom watching my thing, or vice versa. But, they agreed on some Netflix series.Or on some movies that they both like and can spend some quality time. together


Lauren Martin the Entrepreneur

Marriage is hard work

Marriage is a marathon and not a race. So don’t judge or be too hard on yourself within the first couple of years. FIrst get some years under your belt. Because the first two, to three years, are they all fine and dandy. But when you start getting up in their four, five, six years, it’s going to get tough. But don’t give up, you will go through things in your relationship. As time progressed more obstacles may show up in your life.

 That’s the time that you all need to come together some kind of way figure it out. Then figure out your partner strengths are and just fight it off with all you have. Keep God first. in your marriage, that should be your first and foremost priority. And as things come up just try to stay grounded with each other.

  So , just,  hang in there, even though times get tough, there is a bigger and better outcome to it. It’s definitely a light at the end of the tunnel, regardless of what you guys may be going through and just know you can get through it at the end of the day. Just keep God first and everything else would fall in line for you.


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